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How It Works

Employees enroll, online, to participate in the SmartRide® program (paper- based solutions are also available).

  • Personal data should include:

    • Unique ID#, Employee#

    • Name

    • Office Location / Department / Bldg.

  • Each day that an employee participates in the ride share program they will enter their activity online.

  • Employees earn points for each day they participate in the ride share program.

  • Point values for each form of alternative transportation option are preset prior to launch of your program.

  • Employees can view their point bank earnings any time online. Employees at companies using our paper-based product will receive a point statement once monthly for every month where there was at least one (1) day of participation.

  • Program administrators can run reports, at will, using our online administrative tool SmarTrakker™. Companies using our paper-based program will receive printed reports once monthly.

  • Employees can redeem their points using our online awards portal, which is specific to your company's award options.

  • Award options can include:

  • CASH is NEVER an Award Option with SmartRide®. Cash is compensation and not an incentive reward.

  • Typical Award Values are calculated at the rate of $.01 cent / point. (All values are Points per Day):

    • 2 person carpool 150-200

    • 3 person carpool 200-250

    • 4-6 person carpool 250-300

    • Walking / Cycling 250-300

    • Bus / Train / Subway 300-350

    • Vanpool 300-350

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