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SmartRide® was originally launched in 1990 and has provided successful ride share solutions to companies coast to coast. SmartRide® can simplify your company’s requirement to meet legislated governmental requirements for companies to implement emission reduction strategies that reduce the number of cars on our "rush hour" roads. Our SmartRide® program will also offer you the benefit of reducing parking space requirements.

We have more than 20 years' experience designing, customizing and administering ride share programs for companies both big and small. And we can do it for your company too. Just let us know when we can visit you to discuss your needs as we are not offering a mere cookie cutter solution with SmartRide®.

SmartRide® is the Registered program of Patriot Marketing Group, a full service employee incentive company that has been engaging and motivating employees since 1971. Patriot Marketing Group also has programs to meet all of your company’s incentive and recognition needs, like:

  An Employee Length of Service Program

  An Employee Recognition Program

  An Employee “Wellness” Program

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